What We Do:

URBANSNKRS is a store for both buyers and sellers of street ware. We consign clothes&sneakers from brands such as Supreme, URBANSCARFS, KANYE WEST, Nike, Adidas and more. We are one of the largest online Supreme marketplaces, and we maintain this by providing our consignors with a steady flow of sales, as well as our shoppers with up to date inventory, and worldwide shipping. We take a flat rate of 20% from all our consignors/partners, and operate out of the U.S., in Europe(Austria). If you have a large collection of street ware, or if you are a day to day seller, come by our shop or write an mail (office@urbanscarfs.com) and we will sell your stuff on different internet platforms. You can send pictures from your stuff from the whole planet and I sell it for you and you ship it - one good working possibility. You will be surprised how fast your stuff will be sold and how easy it is to get paid by us.